The updated YSIPP for 2021-2025 includes Oregon’s new Suicide Prevention Framework. This Framework shows the new structure for how YSIPP work is categorized and how it will be addressed. The components of the Framework include:
  • Strategic pillars, strategic goals, centering values and foundation — These will not change over the five-year lifespan of the plan. They are the starting point for all suicide prevention work in Oregon.
  • Strategic pathways — These are not likely to change over five years and are rooted in the values and foundations. They represent measurable areas of focus and are more specific to populations or settings. 
  • Strategic priority initiatives — These will be adapted, adjusted and added to annually. They are specific actions designed to support the broader pathways and goals.

Alliance Assigned Initiatives

While we wait to see what our new assignments will be for the 2023 calendar year, we will continue to work on unfinished initiatives from the 2021-2022 priorities. To see progress updates on Alliance specific initiatives, click on the link below.

How to navigate the Alliance YSIPP Project Tracker

Alliance specific initiatives