The updated YSIPP for 2021-2025 includes Oregon’s new Suicide Prevention Framework. This Framework shows the new structure for how YSIPP work is categorized and how it will be addressed. The components of the Framework include:
  • Strategic pillars, strategic goals, centering values and foundation — These will not change over the five-year lifespan of the plan. They are the starting point for all suicide prevention work in Oregon.
  • Strategic pathways — These are not likely to change over five years and are rooted in the values and foundations. They represent measurable areas of focus and are more specific to populations or settings. 
  • Strategic priority initiatives — These will be adapted, adjusted and added to annually. They are specific actions designed to support the broader pathways and goals.

Alliance Assigned Initiatives

The Alliance was assigned a total of 23 YSIPP Initiatives for the 2023 calendar, 15 of which are new. These initiatives are listed below. To see progress updates on Alliance specific initiatives, click on the link below titled “Alliance Specific Initiatives.” To learn how to navigate the tracker, a video is also available through the link titled, “How to Navigate the Alliance YSIPP Project Tracker.”

How to navigate the Alliance YSIPP Project Tracker

Alliance specific initiatives

2023 YSIPP Initatives

Executive committee

  • The Oregon Alliance to Prevent Suicide will organize committees, advisory groups, and workgroups to align with annual YSIPP priority initiatives.
  •  4.3.1 The Alliance will issue a suicide prevention legislative agenda for the 2023 session with key priorities named.

Lethal Means COMMITTEE

  • The Alliance will continue to work towards recommendations in the Lethal Means workplan.


  • The Alliance will use the Adi’s Act scan and other sources to identify and address structural barriers to implementation for Adi’s Act and will make recommendations to OHA and ODE.

Transitions of Care committee

  • The Alliance will pursue involvement and seek representation on the Oregon Health Policy Board’s Behavioral Health Committee and monitor OHA’s efforts to implement recommendations of the HB 3090 report.


  • The Alliance will make a recommendation to OHA regarding evaluation for suicide prevention workforce training requirements listed in HB 2315 (2021).
  • The Alliance will introduce a legislative concept to require OHA to identify or develop suicide prevention training for a wide array of medical providers. – ACHIEVED
  • The Oregon Alliance to Prevent Suicide will advocate for increased access and usage of suicide prevention training by medical professionals.

Equity Advisory Group

  • The Oregon Alliance to Prevent Suicide (Alliance) will identify and engage with key partners for equity work.
  • The Alliance will develop an equity screening tool for suicide prevention and train Alliance committees and suicide prevention coalitions on the tool.
  • The Alliance will form and support a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) caucus.
  • The Alliance will form and support a monthly group to support white allyship and anti-racist education.


  • OHA and The Alliance will create a list of priority youth-serving community-based organizations with which to develop or maintain pathways for meaningful engagement.
  • Stipends are provided for youth representatives and people with lived experience that are not paid to attend state advisory committees.
  • Youth representatives (including at least one person that has not yet reached age 18) serve on The Alliance.
  • The Alliance will develop a clear process to involve diverse youth input on key decisions with a variety of engagement strategies.
  • The Alliance staff will host a quarterly learning opportunity to provide networking support and to highlight equity considerations for regional suicide prevention coalitions and other local suicide prevention champions.
  • The Alliance staff hosts a quarterly learning collaborative for regional suicide prevention coalition leaders.
  • Statewide resources, educational opportunities, and programming options are shared to the regional suicide prevention coalition leaders.
  • The Alliance staff will administer and evaluate mini grants for local suicide prevention coalitions.
  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC) national safe messaging projects are promoted on OHA’s Suicide Prevention listserv and The Alliance listserv.
  • Alliance to Prevent Suicide website will continue to make information available regarding Alliance activities, legislative work, opportunities for community members to be involved, and resources.
  • The Alliance will schedule presentations with key lawmakers prior to the 2023 long session, participate in planning Capitol Day with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, issue a suicide prevention legislative agenda with key partners, and provide testimony as appropriate.