2023 Legislative Session – Started January 2023

The Alliance works towards Legislative change to help Suicide Prevention policies and practices across Oregon. Alliance members and staff contribute valuable testimony for various pieces of legislation that are discussed in the Oregon Legislature. 
The 2023 Legislative Session recently started and bill numbers are still dropping. We have identified key areas as part of our legislative agenda and will update this page as they are assigned Bill Numbers. Bills that do not have a number assigned yet are called Legislative Concepts or LCs and are identified by an LC number. These are listed below. 
The 2021 Legislative Session has ended and you can go here to see a snapshot of our priorities and how we engaged with legislators and different pieces of legislation. 
We are already planning for future legislative sessions. If you would like to be engaged in this work, email Jenn Fraga at jfraga@aocmhp.org


The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) separates their policy and advocacy into areas in which they will lead, collaborate and explore. During the March 2020 quarterly meeting, the Alliance membership reviewed this approach and found it to be a helpful way to guide future policy and advocacy work. The table below is based on:

Lead – issues on which Alliance will play a leadership role – developing the policy position, marshaling support, and generating advocacy activity
Collaborate – issues on which Alliance will work as part of a coalition or group, providing active support to achieve these important policy objectives
Explore – issues that are rising in importance and require further exploration or policy research and analysis, but have not yet become Alliance policy proposals

legislative policy – lead

Require behavioral health workforce to receive continuing education on suicide prevention, intervention, and management. Alliance Workforce Committee will take the lead.

legislative policy – collaborate

Amend current legislation on youth suicide to expand the age range from 10 to 24, to include all youth and young adults under 24. Lines for Life is taking the lead on this legislative concept.

Legislative concept requiring medical examiners to report youth suicide deaths to local mental health authorities including specific reporting timelines. Oregon Health Authority is taking the lead on this legislative concept. The Alliance Data & Evaluation Committee will support. 

Alliance Policy Priorities by Year

2023 Legislative Session 

SB 514

HB 2757

LC 1237

LC 3138

LC 142

LC 1779

2021 Legislative Session- Complete!

HB 2315

SB 563

HB 3037

SB 682

SB 52