What is the Youth Suicide Intervention and Prevention Plan?

In 2014, the Oregon Legislature mandated development of a five-year Youth Suicide Intervention and Prevention Plan (YSIPP). The Oregon Health Authority’s Health Systems Division (HSD) and Public Health Division (PHD) worked with interested parties from across Oregon to adopt strategic directions, goals and objectives from the 2012 National Strategy for Suicide Prevention (NSSP), develop actions to operationalize and start discussions to implement the plan in 2016.

From December 2014 through November 2015, approximately 100 subject matter experts from across the state worked together as members of a steering committee and/or as members of one or more work groups to develop realistic and actionable activities for preventing suicides among Oregon children, youth and young adults 10–24 years of age (referred to collectively as “youth”).

A participatory process was designed to get input from stakeholders to develop the plan. A steering committee of 32 stakeholders reviewed the NSSP and selected strategic directions, goals and objectives for inclusion in the plan. The Oregon Alliance to Prevent Suicide is facilitating this five-year plan.

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Annual Reports of the YSIPP
2019 Annual Report
2018 Annual Report
2017 Annual Report
2016 Annual Report
2014 – 2015 Annual Report

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The current YSIPP ends in 2020

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