Note: Bills introduced in the Senate are labeled as SB; Bills introduced in the House of Representatives labeled as HB.


Bill Number Bill Summary
HB 4124 Establishes the Youth Suicide Intervention and Prevention Coordinator in the Oregon Health Authority.


Bill Number Bill Summary
SB 561 Communication around suicide death of those 24 years of age or younger.
HB 2023 Discharge of Patients Receiving Mental Health Treatment.
HB 2948 Susana Blake Gabay Act: Disclosure without Authorization Form.


Bill Number Bill Summary
SB 48 Directs Professional Boards to Report Completion of Continuing Education Units on Suicide Risk Assessment, Management, and Treatment to the Oregon Health Authority.
HB 3090 What Emergency Departments are Required to do with Patients seen for a Mental Health Crisis and their Families.
HB 3091 Expands the Scope of Emergency Services covered by Group Health Insurance Policies to cover Specified Behavioral Health Services.


Bill Number Bill Summary
SB 52 Requires School Districts to Adopt Policies Requiring a Comprehensive District Plan on Student Suicide Prevention.
SB 485 Directs Oregon Health Authority to Collaborate with Certain Schools when Developing Communication Plans following a Suspected Suicide.
SB 707 Establishes the Youth Suicide Intervention and Prevention Advisory Committee.
SB 918 Directs Local Mental Health Authorities Communication Regarding Suspected Deaths by Suicide for those 24 Years of Age or Younger.


Bill Number Bill Summary
SB 563

Adjusts age range of the Youth Suicide Intervention and Prevention Plan to cover 5-24.

SB 52 Directs Department of Education to develop and implement statewide education plan for students who identify as LGBTQ2SIA+.
HB 2315 Requires suicide assessment, management, and treatment continuing education units for behavioral health providers.
HB 3037 Amends SB 561 (2015).
HB 3139 Clarifies parental notification practices for behavioral health providers when a minor is at imminent risk of a suicide attempt.