On Pause: Partnership with the Youth and Young Adult Engagement Advisory (YYEA) and the Oregon Alliance to Prevent Suicide

The partnership with YYEA and the Alliance is on pause due to staffing changes. While we wait for this position to be filled, we would still like to work with youth and young adults. If you or someone you know would like to get involved, please email Jenn at jfraga@aocmhp.org Youth who attend Alliance meetings and activities and are not otherwise compensated through work will receive a stipend for their time. 

Youth and Young Adult (YYA) voice is essential to implementing priorities outlined in the Youth Suicide Intervention and Prevention Plan (YSIPP). The Oregon Alliance to Prevent Suicide is committed to hearing from YYA and has partnered with the Youth and Young Adult Engagement Advisory (YYEA) through Youth Era to help maintain a close touch with YYA in the community. It is the goal of the Alliance to have meaningful representation from Youth and Young Adults in the larger Alliance and on each sub-committee so that we are able to hear from YYA when advocacy decisions and Alliance Priorities are being discussed. 
Youth and Young Adults do not need to be part of YYEA in order to participate on the Alliance.

About YYEA

YYEA is dedicated to amplifying young adult voices in decision-making for all local and state agencies by providing ongoing opportunities for young adults and adult allies to engage in self-advocacy, building community relationships with youth-serving agencies and providers, and advising the Children’s System Advisory Council, the Oregon Alliance to Prevent Suicide, Healthy Transitions Steering Committee, and other system partners on important issues that matter to youth.

As a member of YYEA, you will play an important role in the success of the committee. You will attend monthly meetings with other young adults and adult allies. Many of the local and state policies and services that affect youth have not included youth input in the past. You will have the opportunity to lend your experience to the decision making process. It is important for youth with lived experience and passion for change to have a voice in the policies and decisions that affect them and their peers. Volunteering your time to be a part of YYEA activities, attending meetings and giving input, all contribute to keeping Oregon’s youth and young adult services relevant, responsive, and respectful.

Your Voice Matters

Without the voice and input of youth the work of Oregon’s Statewide Steering Committees cannot and will not be successful. Youth play an important role in strengthening programs and improving youth outcomes. Young people should be involved in policy change because their lives are directly affected by a variety of policies (laws, rules, and funding priorities). Transition age youth have much to share about policies that have supported or interfered with their hopes and goals.

Youth experience is unique to youth and the Alliance, CSAC and the Healthy Transitions Project are committed to hearing this experience and this voice. Most importantly, these statewide steering committees are dedicated to taking actionable steps to include youth in the work of coordinating suicide prevention activities and improving behavioral health services for youth in Oregon!

Want to learn more about YYEA?

Visit the website for more information and to learn how to get involved.

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