Your Voice Matters

Without the voice and input of youth the work of Oregon’s Statewide Steering Committees cannot and will not be successful. Youth play an important role in strengthening programs and improving youth outcomes. Young people should be involved in policy change because their lives are directly affected by a variety of policies (laws, rules, and funding priorities). Youth and young adult engagement is vital in policy work as we work to create systems with hope, help, and healing.

Youth experience is unique to youth and the Alliance is committed to hearing this experience and this voice. Most importantly, we are dedicated to taking actionable steps to include youth in the work of coordinating suicide prevention activities and improving behavioral health services for youth in Oregon!

Youth and Young Adult Engagement in the Alliance

There are a few ways youth and young adults can engage with the Alliance. Please connect with Jenn at if you would like to talk more about how you can connect and what your interests are in suicide prevention work.

Youth and young adults who attend Alliance meetings may be able to receive a stipend for their time. Please let Jenn know you are interested in this and she can talk through the process with you.  

Committee Engagement

The Alliance has 6 standing committees and 1 advisory group, all of which meet on a monthly basis. Our committees have different focus areas and priorities but all are working towards achieving initiatives established in our states 5-year Youth Suicide Intervention and Prevention Plan (YSIPP). Youth and young adults are encouraged to attend the committee that aligns with their interest areas. If you would like to meet with a staff person to discuss the committee, any agendas, or priority areas, please connect with Jenn at


Focus Groups

Staff received feedback that it can be difficult to attend monthly meetings and that youth and young adults want to be engaged in the work of the Alliance. To help meet this need, the Alliance will hold focus groups throughout the year to gather youth and young adult voice on different issues that pertain to the work of the Alliance Committees. 
To see focus groups that were previously completed, go here


Previous Projects

The Alliance has previously partnered with Healthy Transitions around sharing stories of hope, help, and healing during 2020 September Suicide Prevention Month. To see more about this project, please go here.