Adult Suicide Intervention and Prevention Plan

The Adult Suicide Intervention and Prevention Plan (ASIPP) was published in April of 2023 by the Oregon Health Authority. This body of work could not have been completed without the help of strong community partners (130) representing 68 organizations across the state who were willing to put endless hours into its creation. Alliance members and staff were extensively involved in the development and future implementation of the ASIPP. Although the Alliance is currently focused on youth (5-24) suicide prevention and is only advising the Oregon Health Authority on the YSIPP, the ASIPP overlaps the YSIPP for 18–24-year age group, thus we want to stay connected to the work as it impacts young adults across the state. The ASIPP and the YSIPP share the same Oregon Suicide Prevention Framework with the pillars, goals and strategic pathways being identical. The initiatives are different between the two plans to accommodate for developmental differences.

The ASIPP is population focused which means that it prioritizes specific populations that have higher rates of suicide or populations that have been historically underserved by OHA. The populations of focus include:
• Ages 18-24
• Construction Industry
• Veterans and military connected personnel
• Older Adults (55+)
• Those experiencing Disabilities and chronic illness
• Men
• Those living in rural and remote areas

Most importantly, the ASIPP is centered on lived experience and equity and both were embedded into creating the plan. 

The Adult Suicide Intervention and Prevention Plan (ASIPP) was created to serve as a resource for all who have a role to play in suicide prevention. As such, it is not expected or necessary to read the document in its entirety. Instead, use this document as it applies to the work you do. We recommend exploring the Table of contents (TOC) in a digital format as all sections are hyperlinked for easy access. Please refer to Bookmarks on the left for easy maneuverability. It is highly recommended that everyone read the sections on Addressing equity and Voices of lived experience which centers the work to create this document and is integrated into all other sections. Additionally, it is highly recommended that you read Appendix 15 Terms defined. This will assist you with understanding commonly used terms and definitions throughout this document.

There are two main sections:

Section one:

  • Details the state plan including the framework, goals, initiatives, etc., and
  • Details statewide data, ASIPP development methodology and the Oregon Suicide Prevention Framework and Initiatives.

Section two:

  • Details the rationale and justification for the choices made in Section one
  • Details of the results of focus groups and surveys
  • Provides extensive information about several chosen priority populations including:
    • literature review
    • data
    • means
    • risk and protective factors
    • circumstances surrounding suicides
    • inter-sectional identities
    • recommendations
    • completed or current work underway
    • feedback from the focus groups
    • summary