The Alliance is comprised of community, family members, those with lived experience, subject matter experts, professionals, youth, young adults, stakeholders, leadership from state agencies, and more.

Below are members of our current Executive Committee.
You can find a full list of Alliance voting members and Oregon Health Authority (OHA) representatives here.

Galli murray, lcsw

Pronouns: She / Her
Chair of the Alliance
Suicide Prevention Coordinator at Clackamas County H3S


Co-Chair of Transitions of Care Committee 
Co-Founder of Incite Agency for Change

Deb darmata

Oregon Health Authority Adult Suicide Intervention and Prevention Coordinator


Dan Foster

Pronouns: He / Him
 ASIST Master Trainer
Lived Experience
Manager and Postvention Coordinator Greater Oregon Behavioral Health Inc. (GOBHI) 

Don Erickson

Pronouns: He / Him
Co-Chair of the Workforce Committee
Chief Administrative Officer
Oregon Department of Human Services

Elissa adair

Co-Chair of the Data & Evaluation Committee
Program Evaluator for Lines for Life





jill baker, lsc

Pronouns: She / Her
Oregon Health Authority Youth Suicide Prevention Coordinator

John seeley, ph.d.

Pronouns: He / Him
Professor at University of Oregon


Karli lea read

Pronouns: She / Her
Youth Lead for State Council Mentoring Project






Pronouns: He / Him
Child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist
Oregon Children’s System Advisory Council




Laura rose Misaras

Pronouns: She / Her
Chair of Lived Experience Advisory Group
Consultant, Consumer & Family Advocate
Chair, Oregon Consumer Advisory Council
Liaison, Children’s System Advisory Council

Leslie Golden

Pronouns: She / Her
Lines for Life
Director of Technology & Security and Former Board Chair



Meghan crane, mph

Pronouns: She / Her
Oregon Health Authority Zero Suicide Program Coordinator



Shanda Hochstetler, LMSW

Pronouns: She / Her
Oregon Health Authority Youth Suicide Prevention Coordinator



Taylor chambers

Oregon Health Authority Public Health Suicide Prevention Coordinator

Previous Chairs of The Alliance:

Christina Brewer

David westbrook, ms
2018 – 2020

Pronouns: He / Him
COO at Lines for Life

Christina Brewer

Gary Mcconahay, PhD
2016 – 2018

Clinical Director at ColumbiaCare Services, Inc.