Alliance Committees

Data And Evaluation

The Data and Evaluation Committee is responsible for working with the University of Oregon for monitoring completion of the Youth Suicide Intervention and Prevention Plan and tracking risk factors for suicide in Oregon.


The Executive Committee oversees all committees, workgroups, and activities of the Alliance. They also organize Alliance business, make decisions on behalf of the Alliance between meetings, and make policy recommendations to OHA.

Lethal Means Safety

The Lethal Means Safety Committee looks at the second and third leading means used in suicide deaths in Oregon. This Committee originally started as a workgroup to look at the firearm deaths and means safety recommendations. Out of the workgroup, the Oregon Firearm Safety Coalition was created and focuses specifically on firearm safety and it’s members are in the firearm community. 


The Schools Committee is responsible for researching and making recommendations on programs and processes for improving suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention in Oregon schools and colleges.

Transitions of Care

The Transitions of Care Committee identifies best practices, innovative approaches and gaps to safe and uninterrupted transitions for youth, young adults and their caregivers when experiencing mental health crisis or risk of crisis. It promotes policies and practices that effectively support their needs for continuity during the period in which intentional coordination of care is imperative. 

Workforce Development

The Alliance Workforce Committee advocates for policies and practices that ensure Oregon’s workforce who serve children and youth are well equipped with skills to screen, assess, safety plan, treat and manage suicide risk. We also advocate for mental health promotion and suicide safer work environments.

Advisory Groups

Advisory groups are groups that represent a particular population or cultural perspective, may have a defined area of interest or have specific expertise. The Alliance looks to advisory groups to inform its work by reviewing materials, suggesting policy, providing feedback and direction on policy, and / or taking on a specific project.


The Alliance started working with the UPRISE Collective in 2021 to improve the Alliance’s equity lens when it comes to advocating for suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention policies that will work for more than the dominant culture. This advisory is one item that came from our work with UPRISE. For more information on this advisory group and information on how to join, please email Annette Marcus at


The Advisory is comprised of those in the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. Their goal is to bring the perspective of this community to Alliance related activities and to be that connection between the LGBTQ+ community and the Alliance. For more information on this advisory group, please email Annette Marcus at


Workgroups were created to work on a specific topic or project and are time limited. These groups focus on a specific topic and meet regularly until that project has been completed. 

Currently, there are no workgroups.