The Alliance advocates and works to inform and strengthen Oregon’s suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention policies, services, and supports to prevent youth and young adults from dying by suicide. Our vision is that, in Oregon, all young people have hope, feel safe asking for help, can access and receive the right help at the right time to prevent suicide, and live in communities that build resilience, foster healing, connection, and wellness.

Youth Suicide Intervention and Prevention Plan (YSIPP)

In 2014, the Oregon Legislature mandated development of a five-year Youth Suicide Intervention and Prevention Plan (YSIPP). The Oregon Health Authority’s Health Systems Division (HSD) and Public Health Division (PHD) worked with interested parties from across Oregon to adopt strategic directions, goals and objectives from the 2012 National Strategy for Suicide Prevention (NSSP), develop actions to operationalize and start discussions to implement the plan in 2016.
The YSIPP guides the work of The Alliance.

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Alliance Policy Priorities

The Alliance started preparing for the upcoming 2021 Legislative Session earlier this year and members provided input and voted on the following policy priorities.

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Legislative Process

Learn more about the legislative session in Oregon, how you can get involved and participate in the session, and how to read a legislative measure. 

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Oregon Suicide Prevention Laws

Oregon has made legislative strides for better Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention. Alliance members past and present were key advocates for each piece of legislation listed.

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