Some Projects that Youth are Working on with the Alliance


National Suicide Prevention Week

The Oregon Alliance to Prevent Suicide and Healthy Transitions are teaming up to share Youth and Young Adult stories of Hope, Help, and Healing

Our goal is for Youth and Young Adults to share their story in connection to suicide whether the experience is as a loss survivor, as someone living living with suicidal ideation, supporting someone with suicidal ideation, as an attempt survivor, or through a different connection. Your story matters and levels of “bad enough” or “good enough” don’t exist. Your story is your story and we want to provide a space for it to be shared in a meaningful and safe manner. We hope to collaboratively create media that will help folks understand suicide and how others have worked to cope, navigate, and overcome living with suicide and its impacts.

You can share your story in whatever medium you feel best represents your story whether it is through a poem, short story, photograph, song, art, podcast, interview, video, or other ways that you express yourself.

Our target audience includes other Youth and Young Adults, family members, community members, LGBTQ+ folks, and others involved in working to reduce the number of suicides and help those living with suicide and the lasting impact it has. We plan to share it via email listservs and on websites like this one. Any identifying information will not be connected to your work and you can decide how you wish to be linked to your shared work, whether your first name or a pseudonym. 

If you are interested in participating or know someone who is wanting to share their story, please contact Elliott Hinkle at

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