suicide prevention messaging

When thinking of starting a campaign, releasing a press release, or hanging signage, it’s important to think about the words you use. Below you’ll find some resources the Alliance has created for media outreach, safe messaging guidelines from other organizations, and the Alliance’s Communication Plan. 

2021 September Suicide Prevention Campaign 

We’re excited to partner with Regional Suicide Prevention Coalitions across the state on our first multi-group suicide prevention campaign for this September’s Suicide Prevention Awareness month with a Day of Hope on Sept. 9th, 2021. Your coalition or organization are invited to hold your own signs event and we have the attached media packet to help you prepare for the event and provide ideas for how you can participate in a way that works best for you, your coalition, your organization, and your community.

Stay tuned for more information on what Coalitions will be involved, how you can participate, and photos from the different events. 

Do you want to purchase your own signs? Please visit Don’t Give Up Signs for more information on their group, history, and how to order signs and other great materials.