Who is the Alliance?

The Oregon Alliance to Prevent Suicide is the leading advocacy group in Oregon working on youth suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention.

The Alliance is comprised of community, family members, those with lived experience, subject matter experts, professionals, youth, young adults, stakeholders, leadership from state agencies, and more.

We advocate for effective policy and creates a connected field to end youth suicide.

The Alliance spreads Hope by partnering with other organizations to train community members through a variety of evidence-based trainings such as Mental Health First Aid and CONNECT.

The Alliance advocates for a future where people can find the right Help at the right time by helping to pass different legislation such as SB 52, also known as Adi’s Act, which requires Oregon Schools to have suicide prevention plans in place.

The Alliance works towards helping communities foster Healing by advocating alongside community members for effective and necessary legislative changes that will improve access to suicide prevention and better mental health care in Oregon.

The Alliance works towards a more connected field by opening up communication among different Regional Suicide Prevention Coalitions across the state and between state agencies to work as a collective whole for a future with Zero Suicide.


The Alliance advocates and works to inform and strengthen Oregon’s suicide prevention, intervention and postvention policies, services and supports to prevent youth and young adults from dying by suicide.


In Oregon all young people have hope, feel safe asking for help, can find access to the right help at the right time to prevent suicide, and live in communities that foster healing, connection, and wellness.