Community Agencies


The Alliance partners with different agencies and community organizations in the work of suicide prevention. Below is a short list of a few agencies that we partner with. If you would like more information about the different groups, please feel free to reach out to Jenn Fraga at to get connected.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

The Oregon Chapter of AFSP leans into grassroots work that focuses on eliminating the loss of life from suicide by delivering innovative prevention programs, educating the public about risk factors and warning signs, raising funds for suicide research and programs, and reaching out to those individuals who have lost someone to suicide. AFSP Oregon brings people together from all backgrounds that want to prevent suicide in our communities. Families and friends who have lost someone to suicide, vulnerable individuals, mental health professionals, clergy, educators, students, community/business leaders, and many others energize our chapter. Much of the Oregon Chapter’s activities are purposefully aligned with the goals and activities of the Alliance.

Ryan, the Senior Manager of AFSP’s Project 2025, is the current vice-chair to the Alliance and serves as a co-chair to the Outreach and Awareness Committee.

Lines for Life

Lines for Life is a regional nonprofit dedicated to preventing substance abuse and suicide and promoting mental wellness. We offer help and hope to individuals and communities by addressing a spectrum of needs that include prevention, advocacy, and intervention. We educate, train, and advocate to prevent issues of substance use, mental illness, and thoughts of suicide from reaching crisis levels — but when a crisis arises or support is needed, we are available 24/7 to intervene with personalized help.

David Westbrook, COO at Lines for Life, is the previous chair to the Alliance, and was the previous chair of the Alliance Lethal Means and Firearm Safety Workgroup.
Jonathan Hankins, Suicide Rapid Response Coordinator, is the current chair of the Alliance Lethal Means and Firearm Safety Workgroup.

Oregon Health Authority

Oregon Health Authority’s suicide prevention team has grown substantially since July 2019. There are five suicide prevention coordinators, including two for Youth Suicide Prevention (up to age 24), one Adult Suicide Prevention Coordinator, one Public Health Suicide Prevention Coordinator and one Zero Suicide Coordinator. This team works to integrate the field of suicide prevention into all aspects of behavioral and public health sectors and to align work between local, county, and state systems. 

Currently, Jill Baker and Shanda Hochstetler are the two Youth Suicide Prevention Coordinators that work with the Oregon Alliance to Prevent Suicide.