How to get involved

Sign up for the Alliance Listserv Emails

Email Jenn to get on our email Listserv. Alliance emails are sent out at least every other week. Listserv emails include Alliance updates, community resources, job announcements, and other great information. Folks on the listserv also receive outlook meeting invites for the Alliance Quarterly Meetings and Alliance Quarterly Webinars.

Attend Alliance Quarterly Meetings

These meetings take place the second Friday of March, June, September, and December and follow a Review, Preview, and Big View format when discussing Alliance business. 

 Review – a quick review of what has been done to date
 Preview – a brief description of what the group is about to do
 Big View – explanation of how the previewed agenda items fit into the overall objective of the meeting

Join a committee or advisory group

The Alliance has a variety of committees and advisory groups comprised of a variety of stakeholders working together on a focused critical area related to implementation of YSIPP.

Join our Advocacy Efforts

Participate in our policy advocacy through testifying, working with legislators, providing feedback on Oregon Administrative Rules through Rules Advisory Committees, or providing input and recommendations for upcoming legislative sessions. 

To learn more, connect with Alliance staff at:

Annette Marcus:

Jenn Fraga: