ASIPP Framework and Priority Initiatives


Strategic Pillars


Strategic Goals


Strategic Pathways


Strategic Priority Initiatives

The Framework shows the structure for how ASIPP work is categorized and how it will be addressed. The components of the Framework include:

Strategic pillars, strategic goals, centering values and foundation — These will not change over the five-year lifespan of the plan. They are the starting point for all suicide prevention work in Oregon.
Strategic pathways — These are not likely to change over five years and are rooted in the values and foundations. They represent measurable areas of focus and are more specific to populations or settings.
Strategic priority initiatives — These will be adapted, adjusted and added to annually. They are specific actions designed to support the broader pathways and goals.

Strategic Pillars

1. Healthy & Empowered Individuals, Families and Communities

2. Clinical & Community Prevention Services

3. Healthcare Capacity

4. Foundations and Centering Lenses

Strategic Goals

1a. Integrated & Coordinated Activities
1b. Media and Communication
1c. Social Determinants of Health
1d. Coping and Connection
2a. Frontline & Gatekeeper Training
2b. Means Reduction
2c. Protective Programing 
3a. Healthcare Coordination
3b. Healthcare Capacity
3c. Appropriate Treatment & Management of Suicidality
3d.Postvention Services 
4a. Data and Research
4b. Evaluation
4c. Policy Needs/Gaps
4d. Funding Needs
4e. Equity


Strategic Pathways and Initiatives

To see the list of Pathways and current initiatives for the 2022-2026 ASIPP, please go here